Biografi - Rolf Ludvigsen ‎(181)‎ - UK ‎(S57)‎
Titel Biografi - Rolf Ludvigsen ‎(181)‎ - UK
Kildetekst Rolf was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on 15 Sept. 1944. In 1957, with his family, he emigrated to Canada where he completed his education. He studied geology at the University of Calgary and completed his doctorate in paleontology at the University of Western Ontario. He later taught at the University of Toronto and is now living on Denman Island, British Columbia, where he is doing consulting and writing in his chosen field.

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Biografi - Rolf Ludvigsen (181) - UK

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1I181Ludvigsen, Rolf
15 september 1944
73Kildevæld S 0
10 december 2016
172Cumberland 12 december 2016 - 22:55:52MY100Y100

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